Does Birth Control Increase Breast Size

One of the most common questions among young women is does birth control increase breast size? Yes, birth control pills can make your boobs bigger. However, how big they grow while taking the pills will depend on the person, how long you have been taking them, and a variety of other factors. Birth control are not only known to make your boobs bigger, but also they can make you gain weight and make your menstrual periods more manageable.

The reason why birth control pills can help increase the size of your breasts is because they contain estrogen, which is the female hormone responsible for breast development. What happens when you take birth control is your body gets tricked into believing it is pregnant because it stops ovulation.

When most women are pregnant they will experience an increase in breast size. So when you take birth control your breast will grow in size due to the increase of the female hormone it produces.

Primary reason for birth control pills is to prevent you from getting pregnant, but one of the side effects of the contraceptive is it will make the size of your breasts grow. Even though these pills can help women increase breast size in some cases, there are some females that don’t experience much if any growth at all.

Some birth control pills will increase breast size more than other brands If you take birth control pills that just have progesterin in it will not make your boobs bigger. However, if you take birth control that has both estrogen and progesterin it may help your body promote breast growth and you’ll also experience other kinds of side effects.

Other side effects you’ll experience when you take birth control pills include breast tenderness, fluid retention, and others. The increase in breast size and weight gain some women experience with taking birth control is due to fluid retention instead of an increase in body mass or fat.

With that being said, sometimes women taking birth control will notice that their breast grow but then they’ll return to their normal size after a few months, or right after they stop taking the pills.

Negative Effects Of Birth Control

Even though there are some great benefits to taking birth control pills like increase in breast size, prevent pregnancy, and etc, but there are also some negative effects to taking these pills. Some of the negative effects to taking birth control pills you need to be aware of include:

  • menstrual bleeding
  • excessive weight gain
  • nausea
  • bloating
  • blood clotting
  • headaches

The cause of these negative side effects is due to the higher amount of female estrogen that will get introduced into your body. Keep these negative effects in mind before you start taking birth control pills with the goal of making your boobs bigger.

Types of Birth Control Pills That Increase Breast Size

Some of the best birth control pills to start taking in order to make your bigger include:

  • Necon
  • Modicon
  • Tricyclen
  • Orthocyclen
  • Zovia
  • Lenessa

These are just some of the birth control pills that many women have reported have helped them with breast growth. Just remember that you might experience other effects too like weight gain.

If you have ever wondered does birth control increase breast size the answer is yes and no. It depends on the female, the type of birth control being taken, and how much of the pills are being taken daily.






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